The Archive Section was established in 1995 with the collaboration of the Latin and Greek departments of the University of Johannesburg. It is now housed in the Lyceum Pouroulion premises at Saheti and is named the Maria Katrakis South African Hellenic Archive, which falls under the umbrella of the Lyceum Club of Greek Women & SAHETI, thus incorporating the Archives of the Lyceum Club of Greek Women and Saheti in order to mobilise research. The purpose of the Archive is to become the repository of all material pertaining to the Hellenes of South Africa. At its official inauguration in 1996 the section curated an exhibition of photographs depicting the history of the South African Hellenes from 1896-1996. This was the first time such an exhibition was held in South Africa. Today, the Archive continues to grow and is a valuable tool for students in their research.

Representing the Lyceum Club of Greek Women: President Dominique Souris
Representing Saheti: Manny Sarris
Legal Advisor: Sassa Martalas
Section Head: Maria Sofianos

Archivist: Melissa Moniz

Members: Marina Poulos-Hestenes, Alki Doukakis, Maxine Anastasiou, Angelo Poulos (Peloponnesian Society), Antigoni Spyropoulos, Helen Patricios.

Cell 082 895 4216


One of this Section’s most ambitious projects to date, is to exhibit on a permanent basis, the evolution of Greek costume from the earliest time up to the end of the 19th century. The copies of costumes in the possession of the Lyceum Club of Greek Women, which have either been bought from the Lyceum Club of Greek Women in Athens or donated by members of the community, are copies of original costumes found in the Lyceum Club of Greek Women’s museum in Athens.

Section Head: Helen Patricios
Members: Maria Sofianos, Lita Adrian, Elena Joaquim, Kelly Massey

Cell 082 792 9946


The Community Projects Social Welfare Section – The main object of this Section is to raise funds for distribution to Registered Greek Charities within our community – the Nomikeos Old Age Home, Hola and Stegi Agapis. The Section has also supported, in a small way, other organizations with a Greek connection. Our Charity Golf Days are our main source of guaranteed sustainable funding. We have our Sponsors, Donors and Golfers to thank for their steadfast & faithful support of our Charity Golf Days. The Section’s sub-committees, right from the inaugural meeting in 1988 to date 2015, have stayed totally focused and dedicated to the main objective. The Section has a proud record of having raised and distributed over R1.75 million and are now well on the way to a second million.

Section Co-Heads: Ellen Lambrianos | Argero Manias |

Cell 083 627 3730 | Cell 084 915 2961

Members: Denise Bizos, Gail Cambanis, Popi Florias, Veronica Georgiou, Marianthi Katakuzinos, Sassa Martalas, Kelly Massey, Antigone Spyropoulos.


The Cultural Section promotes literature, dance, music, film, drama and crafts. This section supports the continuing of Adult Education aiming at keeping the South African Greek Women abreast of the information explosion by providing lectures on a variety of subjects. Excursions to museums, historical monuments and other places of interest, including excursions abroad, are also part of the programme. To date successful trips to Egypt, Russia, India, Argentina and Turkey have been undertaken.

Section Head: Dominique Souris

Tel. 082 898 8985

Members: Melissa Moniz, Helen Patricios, Maria Sofianos, Antigone Spyropoulos.


The ever-popular VASILOPITA function is held each year in January. Something which started as a small get-together tea, has now become an event which is booked up ahead of time. The format is generally a Luncheon, Award Ceremony to recognise the achievements of Greek women around South Africa and the traditional cutting of the Vasilopita cakes.

The ANNUAL SPRING TEA welcomes the change in seasons in September and all attendees celebrate in style. The well-liked “best hat competition” sees the wearers vying for the top three prizes and the event in 2015 the inaugural Spring Hat Parade took place, showcasing headwear created by the Spero Vigliotti Academy of Design.

PALM SUNDAY FISH LUNCH is looked forward to each year. The dedicated team of women who organise this event provide participants with a hearty three course meal. This comprises traditional starters of taramosalata, skordalia and humous, an above average fish main course, accompanied by vegetables and salads and finished off with nistissimo desserts.

EDUCATIONAL BRIDGE is one of the social activities which take place at the Lyceum. Beginner’s Bridge lessons are held on an ongoing basis, with new intakes of interested bridge players commencing with lessons as soon as the current group moves on to social playing. For more information contact Helen Patricios at

Section Co-Heads (Functions): Marianthi Katakuzinos | Argero Manias

Section Co-Heads (Bridge): Vana Cavaleros | Nicolene Cambanis |

Cell  Cell 082 452 7582 | 084 915 2961

Members (Functions): Denise Bizos, Gail Cambanis, Popi Florias, Maria Sofianos, Antigone Spyropoulos

Bridge Instructor: Peter Patricios. |

Cell 082 792 9946 | Cell 082 895 4216


Inspiring Lyceum and general Community members with art, music and craft has been a joyful experience.  Activities range from art shows and lessons, music evenings and special event craft sales.

Section Co-Heads: Chrysoula Argyros | Gail Cambanis

Cell 082 447 0788


Section Head: Irene Pilavachi

Members: Anthea Leontsinis (part-time), Maria Sofianos

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